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“Dear Lovely Kendra.  It was an absolute pleasure to work with you.  Thank you for being so open to pushing the boundaries & working with us to create and deliver the vision. You did an incredible job. We hope you loved it as much as we did.”

– Nick,  LIFEwithBIRD

“For over ten years, Mr and Mrs Fish have had the enormous pleasure of working with Kendra Greig in the capacity of show production, backstage and talent management on a variety of events including fashion shows and major brand launches.  Kendra is a true professional and copes under immense pressure with a winning combination of patience, personality and discipline to ensure a smooth and successful event for both the talent and the client. Kendra is a highly valued member of our team and we couldn’t do it without her.”

– Victoria Fisher, MR & Mrs Fish

“Kendra has been our show producer for Australian Fashion Week for the last two years. At our most stressful period of the year Kendra proves to be our cool, calm and collected saviour, liaising with event organisers and production team, working closely with our PR, and liasing with our hair and make-up sponsors to maintain very important client relationships. Backstage amongst the mayhem Kendra’s professional manner with models and sound and lighting team ensure a very smooth show. But what is most important to us is her “out of the box” creative thinking; are a true asset to any creative business trying to differentiate themselves from the rest. We look forward to working with Kendra again in the future.”<

– Atlas, Gail Sorronda

“Kendra is one of the most exceptional women I know. She is strong, smart, driven, personable, creative and super talented. She has amazing style and a great eye for detail. Kendra has the gift of the gab and can create what was once a dream into a beautiful reality. I could not recommend her highly enough. In short she is beyond fantastic.”

– 1st Faye De Lanty, Freelance, Faye De Lanty Pty Ltd

“Kendra brought distinct professionality and crisp execution to the organisation of a special fashion event this year. She’s great fun to work with and her process made us feel completely at ease. As part of her service she brokers high quality relevant introductions which made a huge difference to the outcome of the whole project.”

– 1st Zina Kaye, Chief Agent of Change, Hol.ly

“We needed the night to be of very high quality, well executed and with excellent press coverage.  Kendra delivered on all these fronts and produced a truly memorable evening. Kendra has very high standards but at the same time showed flexibility and creativity when considering the budget.  I recommend Kendra and her work to the highest degree.”

– Julie Parker, General Manager, The Butterfly Foundation

“Thanks again for all your work, it looked FABULOUS!”

– Sophie Baker, International Marketing Director,  MODEL CO

“Through Kendra’s passion, connection, determination and care we managed to deliver a stellar runway show for KITX on a very limited budget – great team made miracles!”

– Kit Willow, KITX