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About Kendra

Kendra is motivated by a spirit of collaboration; she is committed to a harmonious process and is dedicated to all parties sharing in the success of any project; she applies creativity and a personal approach to every stage.
Her leadership style is inclusive, building strong teams through a high level of communication, empowerment and appreciation. Driven to deliver excellent outcomes for all, Kendra is able to show great flexibility, while still maintaining the integrity of any project she works on.

“I’m committed to authenticity, excellence, style and integrity. I like to work with people who do what they say, set high standards for themselves and others, and who are focused on the shared goal. To ensure I can bring maximum value to an event I work best with clients who have similar values and vision.”

About Raw Sugar

Raw Sugar draws upon Kendra’s extensive experience in event and fashion show production, backstage and talent management. With a thriving network of creative professionals, artists, suppliers, story tellers and entertainers Raw Sugar is committed to creating a collaborative team that work efficiently together toward a common goal of excellence – with a smile! Raw Sugar creates inspired and original experiences that launch, elevate and communicate brands and bring a high level of style to every event.